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I'm back... Rico is Back...
After finishing my final exam, i feel so relieved. I feel extremely happy. I got A mark for my research so, yeah, my name is become longer. Enrico Simon Prajitno, S.Si. ( S.Si : Sarjana Sains : Bachelor Of Science). I am proud that I am able to bypass the obstacles that arise during the process of my research. Thanks for those who support me all the time. Big Hug for you guys.

Now, I'm back to running this blog again. It has been a long long time. I must confess that this blog is my life. I always have a desire to go back and do it again.. ^_^ Anyway, We are still discussing about our 3rd photo session because we want to make it different. So, if you have any idea, please let me know. Just drop your comments at comments section.
Thank you so much...

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It's been 2 months

how are u guys doing??
we are apologize that we are not being able to update this blog recently,because one of our reviewer is still struggling with his final exam. So we really need to take a break, at least to support him and let him focus. but dont worry, we will update this blog as soon as possible after finishing all of this thing.

Last, we're really happy when one of our friend, kartika (hope you still remind her) tweeted us that her business is officially opened (finally!!)

here's..let me introduce DICE photography " Capture Your Happiness"

visit her website: here
For further information :
  • Dionisius : 0899.3355.001
  • Kartika : 0818502160 (Blackbery PIN : 211F33E)

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Our Instinct

Style is primarily a matter of instinct
-Bill Blass-


Getaway - Lombok

I spent almost 4 days in lombok with my boyfriend and my besties. It was such a wonderful experience. We really had a good vacation, moving to another beaches, snorkling, riding a bike around the island, sunbathing (did i?) and hell yeah, i didnt take a lot of pictures, but my friend did.The most interesting thing about this holiday was, we went as a backpacker. For no spesific reason, i love how i took off my heels and changed with a flip-flop. I really loved doing this. I brought just a couple of t-shirt and simple dress (forget about shirt, nice dress, and bla..bla..bla), underwear (of course), sunblock (please, dont bring your make-up's bag *LOL*).

I bet most of us had prepared about our/your holiday (where we're going to stay, what we're going to eat, what we will buy) but as a backpacker, we follow where the wind goes. I exagaratted a bit, but yeah, we never planned anything about this holiday. My friend, john, offered me a ticket to lombok, and i thought that i dont wanna wait for another chance to make this thing happen.This is my chance and it's gonna be a great experience (it really was).

here's the picture i've taken there..

and here's the pictures which has taken by john...

could you see the different? see, without any editing, my pictures are still good, arent it? hehehehe...but john's so talented photographer.visit john's facebook : here

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Japanese Fashion Style

Model : Kartika
Photographer : Dionisius
Make-up Artist : Fransiska
Fashion Stylish : Enrico

If Japan that inspired you, then this style may be an option.

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Rockin' Tuesday

Model : Oktavina
Photographer : Fransiska
Make-up Artist : Fransiska
Fashion Stylish : Enrico

Happy Tuesday everyone and enjoy the warm sunlight..have a great tuesday...

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